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Couples in Recovery

Couples and Addiction Recovery

Statistics show that 1 in 10 people who enter a therapy office or clinic are addicted, yet only 10% receive treatment.  While addiction is often referred to as a “family disease,” current approaches in recovery typically do not provide treatment approaches that address or account for the relationship between addict and partner.  Outcome research informs us that couples counseling is more effective than individual therapy in identifying addiction and moving the addict and family into recovery.

A Relational Approach to Healing

Throughout our work, couples learn a model for integrating and balancing Relationship Needs with Recovery Needs.

The Gottman Method for Treating Couples in Recovery addresses the specific challenges often faced by those whose relationship has been affected by substance or behavioral addictions. Whether one or both of you are in recovery from alcohol, drugs and/or behavioral addictions, your therapy will provide direction for your journey to Couple Recovery, supporting your relationship as well as the needs of each individual partner.

Throughout our work, couples learn a model for integrating and balancing Relationship Needs with Recovery Needs. You receive information, tools, and support to help define and establish boundaries and roles, discover new ways to effectively manage conflict, and gather strategies to support the relationship in the context of each person’s recovery.

The road that got you here was long and difficult. Now that you’re here, it’s time to put your old map away and let us help you bring clarity to the road ahead.

Our research-based approach helps couples learn to:

  • Identify addiction
  • Break through denial
  • Navigate the challenging road from active addiction to recovery
  • Improve conflict management skills
  • Learn the difference between “codependency” and “interdependency” and how to identify and set appropriate boundaries
  • Develop a relationship recovery, while supporting their partner’s recovery and strengthening their own individual recovery
  • Heal from the aftermath of addiction and move toward wellness as individuals and as a couple

Couples will learn more about:

  • The nature of addiction and its physiological impact on both partners
  • Warning signs for relationship killers like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and what to do if they are attacking your marriage
  • Skills to help define and establish boundaries and roles (interdependency vs.
  • Special techniques to process arguments, express needs and effectively manage conflict
  • Routes to new rituals of connection and family recovery
  • How to build a solid foundation for your own Couple Recovery to help your dreams and aspirations come true for you, your partner and your relationship.
And during the therapy, you will begin to:
  • Build and share a deeper connection
  • Measure and manage emotions and keep discussions on track
  • Identify warning signs to help you avoid ineffective conflict management patterns
  • Recognize and celebrate your relationship strengths and successes

The Long Island Couples Institute provides a relational approach to healing; one that includes the recovery of the addict, the partner, and the relationship. 

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